Invader: A collection of NFTs made by hand, individually rendered and colored

Invader is a developing project aimed at future animation or film production. The starting line is just the beginning and a shape of things to come.

Be the first to own one of the original characters. And reap the rewards as their price appreciates in value.

Help capture the Invaders, increase your odds of winning the bounty, and save our planet!



The KREEL are an alien race bent on interstellar conquest. After running a mock across countless worlds, it has its sights set on Earth.

Their home worlds are giant planets with strong long lasting storms. These Inhospitable conditions make the KREEL both strong and resilient. Like humans, their evolution pitted them against natural predators and other species. War was ever present. This honed their skills in battle and their adaptability to alien worlds.

Over time their numbers grew and they formed into clans. The clans began fighting among themselves until an elite ruling class emerged. The Emperor is chosen from this class by either Ascension or Symbiosis. Ascension is combat by a challenger from another ruling family. And Symbiosis is by agreement to continue or change the line, by the ruling families.

Perks: Coming soon...

The Promoter

Are you a fan of the Invader? Help us get the word out and reach a larger audience and earn chances to win free NFTs and promotions. Be a hero and help save our planet! The more you help, the more you get. Twitter Instagram

The Giveaway

A chance to win a free NFT every month. An unique NFT will be released and given away monthly. Be a hero and capture Invaders! The more you own, the higher your odds of winning monthly.

The Bounty

A chance to win the big bounty. A percentage of all sales will go towards the bounty. When the bounty is full, it will be awarded to the hero who captured the Invaders. The more you capture and own, the higher your odds of winning the bounty.


Consisting of humans and aliens with vast worldly experience, bonded by start dust, and inspired by art and creativity.

The Members



The Artist

Creator and artist of the Invader series and co-founder of 4YN NFTs.



The Architect

NFT enthusiast, CNFT visionary, developer, and co-founder of 4YN NFTs.